Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc.’s unique approach to onsite fall protection training, gives employees the knowledge and experience needed to use and maintain fall protection systems and equipment, properly and safely.

We teach you how to operate and maintain your equipment, and give you a manual to answer any questions you might have at a later date.

Since 1994 OSHA requires a training program for every employee that might be exposed to fall hazards.  Training must include the following:

1. How to recognize and minimize fall hazards
2. The nature of the fall hazards in the work area
3. Procedures for erecting, maintaining, disassembling, and inspecting the specific fall protection systems used
4. Use, operation, and limitations of fall protection systems
5. The user’s role in fall protection systems

Have you ever heard of orthostatic intolerance or venous pooling ? Hopefully, with a fall arrest system in place, you will never have to find out. These two ailments can occur due to suspension trauma — what a fallen employee who is hanging by the fall protection system experiences.

Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc. can train your employees to asses a situation after a fall has occurred, and how to re-act to these two ailments with quick action and a rescue plan averting a possible fatal outcome.

Training is valid for two years in most situations. Circumstances where retraining is required include, but are not limited to, situations where:

1. Changes in the workplace render previous training obsolete; or
2. Changes in the types of fall protection systems or equipment to be
used render previous training obsolete; or
3. Inadequacies in an affected employee’s knowledge or use of fall
protection systems or equipment indicate that the employee has
not retained the requisite understanding or skill.

We supply you with a written certification of all required training that must be maintained by each employer. All of our training is conducted at the client’s location and is customized to site specifics. Whether it’s a group of 5 or 500, Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc. will customize a training program that meets your needs and helps create a safe and healthful work environment.