Rigging Equipment

Rigging deals with the use of physical (manual) or mechanical effort in pulling, pushing, lifting, positioning, carrying, or transferring of any load; more specifically to our equipment, rigging work involves using mechanical equipment, such as cranes or hoists, and any associated equipment, such as rope, slings, or chains to move heavy loads or structures. The moving of loads for each type of business is different and requires different rigging equipment.

For example, rigging equipment is used in the aerospace industry to move large components of space shuttles, for moving building materials on construction jobs, and for relocating heavy and large manufacturing machines and machinery. This equipment is also used to lift and reposition large structures such as bridges, move heavy artifacts in museums, and to move medical apparatuses like MRIs in and out of hospitals. Other industries that rigging equipment may be used are in the marine, mining, logging, automotive, railroads, theater, utility plants, oil and gas, and HVAC fields.

The safety factor of rigging work may involve the use of fall protection gear if the rigging work involves a height of 6 feet and higher.

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