Horizontal Lifelines

Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc. specializes in horizontal lifelines  for any application — no matter how large or small.  We take pride in using equipment and methods that leave our clients with systems that meet or exceed local and  federal safety guidelines.

Our horizontal lifelines will help you get your facilities into compliance with OSHA’s standards for general industry and construction. In a horizontal lifeline system, the worker wears a full body harness, which is then connected to the horizontal lifeline with either a shock absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline (SRL).

Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc. understands that each application is different, so we design our fall protection systems to work as smoothly and comfortably as possible under any circumstance. Our solutions are totally customizable, which is why we spend time on site meeting with you and your employees, and examining the equipment  that we’re going to be working with. We offer different types of horizontal lifelines, depending on the size and length of  your application.

For multi-span systems, Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc. offers smooth intermediate anchorage supports that allow the lifeline to travel the entire length of the system. This means that the user can travel from one end of the line to the other without ever having to unhook or bypass a stiff intermediary support — increasing safety, comfort, and productivity.

All our horizontal lifelines take advantage of marine grade 316 stainless steel cable. This results in safety systems that are strong, long lasting and easy on the eyes. Whether you are installing a multi span system or a short beam and trolley system, you can be sure that your equipment meets and exceeds every possible safety standard.