Annual Recertifications

Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc. specializes in the annual inspection and service of manufactured fall protection systems. Manufacturers of fall protection systems, require the entire system be inspected each year by a qualified individual for warranty purposes.

Pacific Rim Fall Protection’s comprehensive annual inspection and service is second to none in the industry for quality and price.




Workplace safety is an important issue for a number of reasons.

First of all, it’s always a good idea to keep your most important asset — your employees — protected. Lost work hours relating to on-the-job injuries can be severely damaging to any company. And it can be incredibly frustrating when you know that the accident was fully preventable.

As important as workplace safety is, it is not always easy to get your company up to speed with the maze of local and federal regulations. While these regulations were written with the best intentions (keeping people safe is, after all, an extremely noble purpose), they can be confusing and difficult to navigate. For this reason, many companies make the mistake of settling into a state of non-compliance. If you are a smart business owner, however, you know that non-compliance simply isn’t an option.

Federal and state safety regulations are intended to help companies establish practices that are known to be the safest and the best way of operating in any particular field. Sometimes it seems that these regulations are asking a lot, but the reality is that you’re better off safe than sorry





Accidental falls are the leading cause of workplace deaths, and at Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc., we have the knowledge, engineering skills and equipment to quickly improve the overall safety of your facilities. In many cases, the solutions that we offer will actually exceed mandated legal regulations and OSHA standards.

In the event that an injury does occur, your business might be faced with lawsuits relating to the accident. If it is proved that you were not in compliance with federal and local regulations,  you might suffer severe financial penalties. Even if you were in  compliance, you might still have to pay out large sums to the injured employee.

To put it simply, workplace accidents are something you always want to avoid.

We will inspect your systems for wear, tear, and overall integrity of the system at hand. We will then supply you with a comprehensive report of each system, and if all inspections pass, then we document your inspection and re-certify the system for another year of compliance.